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Get Rid of Junk When Moving

moving-truck-full-of-junkMoving? Here are A Few Amazing Ways to get Rid of Junk
When you move, even the ‘once upon a time’ good things turn out to be junk for you; no matter what kind of things you have, you need to get rid of a few of them so that you can have enough space for brand new things in your new house.
The worst thing about moving to another house is that you can’t take a lot of the stuff you have in your old house and it stresses you the most. But don’t you worry…


Get rid of junk, 7 great ideas

  1. Host a garage sale: Got a garage in the old house? Want to make some money to buy new stuff for your new house? Ever heard of a garage sale? Then stop reading this and prepare everything for a nice one-day garage sale!Get Rid of Junk
  2. Talk to a professional company that’s into junk removal: Before you choose any company from the list, make sure it has a professional team and a good reputation in the market. Don’t settle for an unprofessional company. Always go for a company that’s as popular as Junk Holler.
  3. Ask your friends if they need something from your old stuff (nobody dislikes free things): You don’t have to sell things to your friends; give them your old, but useful, stuff for free. Make a list of all the good things you want to label as junk and let your friends know you are giving away those things for free.
  4. Have a word with the local church or orphanage in your area: Talk to the management team of the Church or a local orphanage and let the members know you have a few good things you wish to donate. Such communities are always open to take donation with gratitude.
  5. Host a charity sale: Don’t want to earn money from your old stuff? Then do a good deed; host a sale and then give away all the money to the homeless individuals on the roads. You can always let people know they’re doing a good cause so that you have more customers at the sale.
  6. Use EBAY: Place all your used items on EBay and wait for buyers.
  7. Simply throw it away in the garbage bin: This is the last thing you can do with the junk; call a professional team and have the members throw away the items you don’t need anymore.

3 Ways to Beat Garage Clutter

Spring time in Idaho is well on it’s way – no doubt we’ll have a few cold snaps yet, but all in all the groundhog didn’t lie. With the natural cycle of things the post Winter clean up is nearly here, so whether you just want to tidy up to get the man cave ready for Summer or are going digging for buried treasure hiding in your garage here are some great tips for getting your garage in order!

Work on a Section at a Time.
If you have a ton of stuff piled up try to move some of it at least temporarily out of the garage while you work to open up more space. Once you have a little room pick a corner and start there. Some items will be of no use or value, old paper, etc – go ahead and designate a space or pile for “toss” items.

Organize As You Go.
While you work through items organize as you go. Put like items with other like items. Use boxes or plastic containers to group smaller items together into stackable columns. Think vertically; stack items up against walls to open up more floor space.

Love it or Lose it.
How do you know what to keep or what to get rid of? Ask yourself have I seen this item in five years? Have I used this item in two years? If the answer to either is no and it’s not an heirloom, tax, or business related…you may want to let it pass along.

Ready for the sale? Spend a little to make it easier – visit the local dollar store before your sale to get inexpensive items like pricing labels and poster board to make signs for you sale. Advertise online: social networks like twitter are especially good for getting localized interest built up.

Remember: whether it’s before the sale or after we can help you tame your clutter! If you’ve got junk, give us a holler!