Retail Services

Is your retail store in need of having clutter removed? Are you planning a small or large scale demolition project and don’t want to rent a costly dumpster? Junk Holler can help by removing nearly anything, including appliances, cardboard, construction debris, fixtures, furniture, garbage, scrap metal and more. In order for you daily operations not to be interfered with we offer convenient scheduling and fast service.

If you are finding yourself with little space and cardboard accumulating in the backroom of your stores we offer recycling services with the goal of diverting as many items away from local Treasure Valley landfills.

Junk Holler is a great alternative to renting a costly dumpster – click here to see how!

Schedule your Retail Cleanup online or by calling (208) 899-4000.

We’ll be happy to give you a quote as well as schedule a time for prompt pickup. And we not only specialize in working with Real Estate Agents, we offer other services, including: