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Appliance Removal Service

The necessity for appliance removal can arise at any moment—whether your old refrigerator finally gives out or when you upgrade your kitchen appliances and need to get rid of the old ones. If the thought of hauling away heavy machines is daunting, that’s where an eco-friendly junk removal company like Junk Holler steps in. Specializing in appliance removal, we’re here to do all the heavy lifting and properly dispose of your unwanted appliances in an environmentally friendly manner.

Junk Holler provides more than just junk removal services—we offer peace of mind in Boise, Nampa, Meridian, and Caldwell. With our help, you can easily rid your home or commercial space of old appliances without lifting a finger. Reach out for a free estimate on our appliance removal services and enjoy an eco-friendly disposal solution!

A junk hauling truck outside residential home providing appliance removal in Boise, ID.

Appliance Removal Process

When you choose Junk Holler for appliance removal, you’re choosing a seamless and hassle-free service. Our skilled team will safely remove your old appliances—whether it’s an old fridge or a broken air conditioner—using the right equipment and methods. We ensure your home remains undamaged during the haul-away process and that each appliance reaches its final destination, whether a recycling facility or donation center.

How Do You Dispose of the Appliances?

Our junk removal service doesn’t end at your door. We prioritize eco-friendly disposal, ensuring your old appliance doesn’t harm the environment. Appliance recycling is a key part of our operation, with items such as washing machines being broken down to recover recyclable materials.

Larger appliances often contain scrap metal that can be repurposed, while hazardous materials, especially in items like air conditioners, are carefully managed to protect the ozone layer.

Appliances That We Remove

Junk Holler, your friendly appliance removal and disposal expert, takes a wide range of household appliances. We can handle the following appliances:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Washing Machines
  • Dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Stoves/Ovens
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • And many other home appliances

Whether you need to get rid of small appliances or larger kitchen appliances, our removal service has got you covered. You don’t need to worry about having a suitable vehicle or doing the heavy lifting; we’re fully equipped for the job.

The Cost of Appliance Removal

Ditching your old appliances shouldn’t be a time-consuming or costly affair. At Junk Holler, we offer upfront pricing with no hidden fees for our junk removal services. The cost is determined by factors like size, quantity, and location of your old appliances. For a removal and recycling service that’s as straightforward as it is affordable, trust our team to give you the best rate.

Recycling and Donating

Sustainability is at the core of Junk Holler’s operation. This is why small appliance recycling is important to us. Recycling services for obsolete or broken appliances are part of our environmental commitment. For working appliances, we coordinate with many local charities to ensure that used appliances serve a new purpose rather than gathering dust.

Why Choose Junk Holler?

Our appliance removal services are a cut above the rest, with a reputation for exceptional customer care, reliable removal services, and a commitment to eco-friendly disposal practices. We work with property management across the area, helping to clear out apartments and other properties of unwanted items, including old furniture and appliances. We also provide services for small appliance recycling, large appliance haul away, and other junk removal needs.

At Junk Holler, we extend our services to accommodate the safe disposal of hazardous waste, ensuring that nothing poses a risk to the environment. We charge a $25 HAZMAT fee for this, as we prefer to have them removed from your house first.

By choosing us, you can rest assured that your old household appliances—whether it’s a used fridge or an old washing machine—will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

Get Your Appliance Removed Today

End your search for a reliable junk removal company today. Junk Holler is dedicated to providing you with the premium service you deserve when looking to get rid of old appliances. When you choose Junk Holler, appliance removal is not just about taking your used furniture or appliances away—it’s about giving them new life through donation or recycling, whenever possible, in a way that’s kind to the planet.

Contact us now, and let’s work together to responsibly dispose of your unwanted items today in Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Caldwell, and surrounding areas.

At Junk Holler, we proudly offer our appliance removal services in many areas in Idaho, including the areas listed below.

Appliance Removal FAQs

Yes, Junk Holler can remove and recycle large appliances. Our team is equipped to handle large appliance removal and ensure they are recycled or donated to local charities when possible.

Appliances that we remove end up either in a recycling facility where valuable materials are reclaimed or are refurbished and donated if they’re still operational.

Our appliance removal services include pick-ups from all types of buildings, including high-rise buildings, on a case-per-case basis. Our team is committed to doing all the heavy lifting.

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