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Garage Cleanout Services

A garage serves as a parking space, not a dumping ground for all the junk.

But we get it. Most of us are guilty of tossing unwanted items and clutter in there that we end up with no garage space for vehicles and necessary tools. That’s when Junk Holler enters the scene.

Contact Junk Holler today and watch our junk removal experts clean out your garage so that your necessary items are easily accessible. They will also segregate all the things from your garage for recycling, donating, hauling, and more.

In addition, our team will take care of all the heavy lifting and loading and leave your garage clean and tidy. All this at an extremely affordable cost with no hidden charges.

Sounds too good to be true? Then keep reading to know more about our garage cleanout service.

Junk Holler truck outside a local residential home providing garage cleanout services. - Junk Holler | Boise, ID

What Do Garage Cleanouts Include?

A garage cleanout is more than just sweeping your garage clean and organizing your shelves. You need a professional team to empty the garage, organize the clutter, donate items, and get rid of the rest.

Imagine the time, effort, and money it would take if you had planned to clean the trash yourself and later send the remaining items for donation or sale. You’d also have to contact a separate recycling service to ensure that the junk disposal occurs in an eco-friendly way.

The good news is- you can save yourself from all the hassle simply by giving us a call. Our team will first assess the garage and the volume of junk. Then, we will suggest a plan of action and offer a no-obligation quote.

Once we confirm the price, we’ll start the garage cleanout process and aim to clear out all the junk in a day. In today’s fast-paced era, no one likes to wait on a garage junk removal service at home. So we’ll take matters into our own hands and provide you with a junk-free garage.

Once your garage is free of unwanted items, we’ll carry the junk in storage bins and dispose of it with great care. Rest assured that we will donate and recycle suitable items. Not only will you get rid of something unnecessary, but you also do your bit to save the environment and support those in need.

Items We Take

Since we offer various types of junk removal services, we make things easy for you by accepting many items. For instance, when it comes to “general junk,” we take computers, monitors, scrap metal, printers, garbage, fallen trees, leaves, etc.

Similarly, items categorized as “household junk” include TVs, appliances, carpets, mattresses, hot tubs, refrigerators, furniture, and yard debris.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Garage Cleanout Service?

We will provide a quote after checking the condition of the garage and the amount of junk. Basically, you pay for the amount of space occupied in the truck.

You’ll also appreciate that our pricing is upfront, and we won’t be giving you any unpleasant surprises after completing the job. If you don’t like our price, you can cancel the booking then and there.

Note that we’ll take payment after finishing the cleaning service. Here’s a brief overview of our junk removal pricing:

1. Household Items

The minimum service charge starts at $79 and can go up to $99. Then, we’ll charge according to the size of the clutter. A small load will cost you up to $168 and may go up to $648 for a super-size load.

2. Construction Debris

The service charge starts at $99, and then you may have to pay anywhere between $198 to $699, depending on the size of the junk.

3. Out of Service Area Pricing

Unlike most junk removal companies, we offer our excellent service at Boise, Nampa, Meridian, and Caldwell, too. You can give us a call to know more details.

4. Additional Charge Items

Certain items like dirt, concrete, sand, gravel, and sod will carry an additional charge. The price depends on the size and type of material. For that, you can get in touch with us for an estimate. For trash-outs/clean-up services, you will have to pay a labor charge of $99/hour.

Schedule a Free Estimate

Our team is on board from Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 5 pm. We ensure you’ll get a quick response every time you reach out to us for our cleaning services.

But, if you want to hire us for a holiday or weekend, we encourage you to schedule an appointment beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

A power wash isn’t necessary, but you can get it done annually or during season changes. The frequency depends on your garage utilization.

Daily used items, clothing, food, essential documents, and hazardous materials are something you must avoid in garage storage.

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