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Hoarding Cleanup Services in Boise, ID

Do you or someone you know often keep random objects thinking, “I might need it someday?”

This is a common thought process of someone who suffers from hoarding disorder. Over time, hoarding can transform a house into a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. It then becomes essential to get rid of clutter to make more space for things you actually need. The amount of junk that results from hoarding can easily get out of hand.

If you are experiencing this situation then you can get in touch with a hoarding cleanup company like Junk Holler. Our team of cleaning experts knows how to professionally handle a home affected by hoarding with a sensitive approach. 

We are the leaders of junk removal in the Boise area. Contact us today to restore the cleanliness of your home.

What Is Hoarding Disorder?

People suffering from hoarding disorder find it difficult to part with possessions that may have no practical use in their life. They feel the need to “save” such belongings and getting rid of them can cause a lot of distress.

It is worth noting that hoarding is not the same as collecting. Collecting is when a few possessions are collected and organized and usually used for display and not daily use. The objects belong to a particular niche, so the collection is often limited.

However, hoarding involves the impulsive acquisition of objects, often preceded by little to no planning. Hoarded items do not follow any theme and end up in a disorganized pile of clutter.

Why Should I Hire a Hoarding Cleanup Company?

A hoarding situation often causes a humongous amount of junk in a home. Removing this large pile of junk is often a labor-intensive task and can be quite stressful for a homeowner or even a  family member of the hoarder to handle on their own. 

This task needs proper planning, organization, and manpower. It is also necessary to decide what to discard and what to donate. That’s where we come in at Junk Holler. Point us in the direction of your large pile of junk and watch it disappear before your very eyes!

What Does the Hoarding Cleanup Process Include?

Dealing with compulsive hoarding is a challenging task and can cause a lot of stress to the hoarder.

We start each hoarding cleaning service with a case manager to analyze the intensity of the task and help you understand the process. Note that the case managers are not only trained in analyzing the situation and decluttering but also careful and compassionate throughout the session.

Once the cleanup is done, we will sort out the hoarded items and organize the ones that need to be donated. The rest of the junk will be packed in trash boxes and carried in trucks.

We will ensure that everything is done in a discreet fashion. We’ll make sure not to engage in conversations with your neighbors or anyone except you.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Hoarding Cleaning Service?

The prices of our hoarding cleaning services will depend on the volume and type of junk you have at your property. Our team will give an exact quote on arriving at the destination and after assessing the resources required. And in case you’re wondering – we don’t add any hidden fees or charges later!

Even after knowing the price, it’s up to you if you want to use our cleaning services or not. Plus, payment will be required only after you are satisfied with the completion of the cleaning job.

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Junk Holler is at your service six days a week, i.e., Monday-Saturday, from 8 am to 5 pm. However, if you want cleaning help on the weekend or holidays, you can call us in advance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can help you discard household items like trash, furniture, clothes, and yard debris, as well as construction rubbish like drywall, demolition, painted wood, etc. Some of our additional charge items include sand, dirt, concrete, gravel, and sod.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of cleaning for hoarders depends on various factors. But for your reference, a small load of household items usually costs around $168. As the volume of the junk increases, the price may go up to $648.

But rest assured that you’ll be getting the best hoarding cleaning service at the most affordable rates with Junk Holler. So, contact us today to discard any type of clutter and our professionals will leave no stone unturned in serving you!

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