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Trash Removal

While junk removal may seem like an ordinary task, there may be times when your daily local garbage pickup service refuses to pick up your trash because they contain broken appliances or worn down furniture. 

When removing your own junk you will most likely have to perform all of the heavy lifting and transport the waste to the nearest waste collection center, which can be a major hassle.

We know how inconvenient the whole process can be, which is why we offer some of the best waste disposal services in the country.

So, contact our team at Junk Holler to take advantage of our trash pickup services that we offer at unbeatable prices. 

Our trash removal company offers services in Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Caldwell, and the surrounding areas to ensure the best waste management for residential and commercial customers.

Junk Holler truck providing removal services to the Caldwell area. - Junk Holler | Caldwell, ID

What Do We Offer?

Our waste removal services allow customers to eliminate different types of waste like old furniture, boxes, containers, and more in the most effective and eco-friendly manner. 

Not only does this help keep your property clean, but it also takes the load off local landfills and reduces your carbon footprint.

Rest assured that our team has all the right tools, technologies, and safety regulations to ensure the optimum convenience of our clients. Aside from that, our trained professionals can deal with construction debris and other waste generated from commercial spaces like restaurants, retail stores, etc.

This means that you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a reliable and efficient recycling center in your area. Plus, we have dumpster rental services for your business or office.

No matter which service you opt for, our price plans won’t make you break the bank.

What to Do If You Miss the Garbage Truck

If you have missed the garbage truck, please contact us at the helpline number, give us your location, and we will arrange a trash pickup service.

Our team will instruct you on packing different wastes (like organic waste) and leaving them at a designated point on the nearest curb.

Alternatively, you can book a same-day pickup, where we will carry out the trash within a couple of hours. The team assigned for the job will call you 15 to 20 minutes before arriving so that you can prepare accordingly.

Since we have a flexible schedule system, you can easily book a convenient time slot for the collection day. 

We also provide sufficient manpower to haul your heavy yard waste or electronics junk to our truck directly from your house or office. Moreover, all our experts are fully insured so that you don’t have to incur any losses in case of any unfortunate accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

The rates for trash collection will depend on various factors like your location, type and quantity of waste, and urgency of disposal. However, we at Junk Holler offer competitive pricing without compromising quality or efficiency.

You can either fill in a short contact form, call us on the given helpline to receive a free quote, or take a quick look at the standard prices to get a better idea.

Simply separate your waste in designated bins and keep them on your nearest curbside the night before. Our pickup truck will arrive at the appointed time to pick up the waste so that the waste doesn’t pile up to pollute the community and leave clutter on your curb.

Likewise, our experts will come with all the necessary tools and equipment to pick up heavy furniture, bedding, or related waste from your backyard or basement.

To keep the process stress free, we accept all major cards.

Our residential trash removal services include:

Our commercial trash removal services include:

So, leave all your cleaning and recycling woes to Junk Holler and call us today to get professional trash removal at the best price. We look forward to helping you with your Boise junk removal needs. 

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