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Office Junk Removal Services in Nampa, ID

While cleaning your office space may not seem difficult to begin with, organizing all the junk, donating, recycling, and discarding different items can be challenging.

Considering the amount of everyday traffic in official and commercial places, offices can often end up with a lot of clutter. Office clutter such as used stationery, old office furniture, and electronic waste needs to be properly recycled or donated.

The whole office junk removal process often takes a considerable amount of time and effort.

It is best to hire professionals who can get your office cleaned quickly and professionally. We at Junk Holler handle office cleanouts with professionalism and the greatest care. We are the leaders of junk removal in Nampa and the surrounding area. 

Our team of experienced junk removers will assure you of quick and efficient cleanouts in your offices, homes, commercial areas, and more. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

What Does an Office Cleanout Service Include?

Whether you are moving, downsizing, or renovating your office space, junk and unwanted items are bound to accumulate.

Typically, for office junk removal, you will have to make the staff remove the cubicles and sweep the office clean over a week or so before removing the junk. You may even have to get in touch with an electronics recycler, local charities, recycling services, and more.

Think about all the time and effort it will take to schedule different types of haulers individually and the piling costs.

But getting in touch with us at Junk Holler will save you from all the unnecessary waste of time and costs. We promise a hassle-free junk removal process, so you and your staff will not be required to lift a single finger!

Once the appointment is confirmed, our team of cleaning specialists will arrive at your door and haul away all the office trash that you want to go. 

We ensure every step is performed with utmost precision and completed in one trip itself including heavy lifting, office furniture hauling, recycling, and donating.

Just let us know what needs to be discarded, and our professionals will disassemble the cubicles and remove them efficiently. This will create more space for effective junk removal.

Even if your old office junk fills up multiple truckloads, we promise to try our best to dispose of the junk in an eco-friendly way. We also clean your old office space before leaving without any extra cost.

Our crew holds the required insurance and licenses to conduct all sorts of junk removal services.

Items We Take

While conducting our office cleanout services, we collect computers, monitors, printersTVs, and other appliances along with furniture, scrap metal, etc. In case of an office renovation, we also clean out yard and construction debris, painted wood, carpet, drywall, and more.

However, in a residential setting, we can remove furniture, clothes, books, and other household junk as well. If you have other types of junk, you can always give us a call and inform us beforehand, so we can prepare the right cleaning equipment and tools.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Office Junk Removal Company?

The cost of junk removal depends upon the volume and type of clutter we’ll be dealing with. 

We’ll either discuss the cost when you book online or provide a quote on arriving at the destination. Rest assured that we will not charge any hidden fee after completing the junk removal process.

Our minimum service charge ranges from $79 – $99. A small load of household items may go up to up to $168 and up to $198 for construction debris. The prices will further increase, depending on the size, to $699. 

Moreover, if you want to hire us for office clean-up services in addition to regular truck picking, our labor charge will cost you $99/hr.

Note that the money will be due upon completion of the cleaning job. Also, after knowing the cost, you’re free to decline our services- no hard feelings!

Schedule an Estimate with Junk Holler in Nampa, ID

Feel free to call us anytime between 8 am-5 pm from Monday to Saturday. Since we are always on board to help you out, we offer same-day and next-day junk removal services. 

However, if you want to get your office spaces cleaned on holidays or weekends, it is best to schedule a session beforehand.

We service many areas in Idaho such as Meridian and Boise. So, give us a holler, and let us offer our professional service at an affordable cost while you relax!

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